ALLIANCE 3000 is a nonprofit association, founded in 1999. Its statutory objectives, focusing on the implementation of human potential concern :

  • People in unfavorable situation but able and willing to evolve even modestly.
  • The empowerment of these people primarily in economic terms.
  • Personal development as balanced as possible (health, material aspects, psychological and cultural).

After a first experience conducted in France in partnership with the Fondation Abbé Pierre and Emmaus (empowerment companions), ALLIANCE 3000 has deliberately turned to Africa and especially to Burkina Faso

Our main objective, Burkina Faso, is the sustainable development and empowerment of poor villages.

Concretely, we work for :

  • The care of orphans and needy children.
  • The development of food crops (drilling and truck farming).
  • The creation of food and seed banks.
  • The support and funding of individual projects (micro-credit, micro-projects).
  • The development of beekeeping.

ALLIANCE 3000 currently operates in five villages: Komsilga, Barogo, Nayambsé, and Tampelga Oueguelga, representing a total population of about 5,000 people - about 1000 are directly impacted by our actions.